Easily Capture Marketing Channel Attribution Data in your Bubble app

Know where your signups, customers & revenue are coming from by capturing marketing channel attribution data in your Bubble app

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How It Works

Add the plugin from the library

Add the Attributer plugin to your app from Bubble's plugin library.

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Use the data in your Workflows

Attributer monitors what marketing channels & campaigns your users are arriving from and makes this data available to use in workflows (I.e. saving it to your User's table)

Marketing channel information is stored in your database or passed to other tools

Marketing attribution information, such as channel, campaign name, ad name, etc is captured for each user of your Bubble app and can be saved to your database, sent to your CRM or analytics tools, etc.

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What information you get

Channel Data 2x

Channel Data

Attributer automatically captures what channel your leads come from (E.g. Paid Search, Paid Social, Organic Search, etc) as well as further detail on each channel (E.g. For Paid Search, it also captures the Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc)

Landing Page Data 2x

Landing Page Data

Attributer automatically captures the first page the lead sees on your site (E.g. olmo.com/blog/how-to-licence-music) as well as the category of page (E.g. Blog).

What you can do

CRM Integrations Gravity Forms


Attributer + Bubble can send marketing attribution data into Salesforce, Zoho, Agile, Capsule and more, allowing you to tailor your lead follow up or run reports in your CRM to see what channels are leading to closed deals.

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Billing Platform

Attributer + Bubble can send marketing attribution data into Stripe, Braintree, PayPal & more, allowing you to understand what marketing channels & content are generating your customers & revenue.

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Attributer + Bubble can send marketing attribution data into Segment, Mixpanel, Heap, Amplitude & more, allowing you to segment your activation, retention and other reports by marketing channel.

email marketing integrations

Email Marketing

Attributer + Bubble can send marketing attribution data into Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber & more, allowing you to segment your users and send targeted campaigns (like onboarding emails, upgrade emails and more).

Get Started For Free

It's free to get started with Attributer, and paid plans start at just $49 per month