Cookie Policy

This cookie policy sets out how Attributer uses cookies across the marketing website and application.

Required Cookies

Attributer stores a number of cookies in your browser that are required for the usage of the application. As an example, we use a cookie to store whether you are logged in or not, meaning you can use the Attributer application without having to log in again every time you load a page within the application.

Statistics Cookies

Attributer stores cookies in your browser in order to track how you and other users are using the application. For instance, we third-party analytics tools (which store cookies in your browser) to tell us how many people are visiting our website, how well our paid advertising campaigns are working, etc. These tools are critical to our success as a business.

Engagement Cookies

Attributer uses cookies in order to serve chat windows and various types of targeted assistance to our users. For instance, we use third-party communication tools (which store cookies in your browser) to serve small popups that present helpful guides or connect users with our support team when they get stuck or need help. These tools are critical to our users being successful with our website and application.

Marketing Cookies

Attributer stores cookies in your browser in order to serve more relevant advertisements to you around the web. For instance, we use these cookies to separate people who have signed up for the Application from people who have never heard of Attributer before, and serve different, more relevant ads to each segment (I.e. guides on how to use the product to those that have signed up vs. case studies about how useful the product is to those that have never heard of it).

If you do not wish for Attributer to store these cookies in your browser, your only option is to not use the application or website. You can use your Browser Settings to block cookies, but this will significantly impact your ability to use the Attributer website and application. By continuing to browse the website or use the application, you agree to this Cookie Policy and give permission for Attributer to store cookies in your browser for all the purposes listed above.