We understand you use the data Attributer provides to make meaningful business decisions, and we take this very seriously.

Accurate Data

We test the accuracy of the data across multiple devices, operating systems & browsers to ensure it's accurate

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Multiple Devices

We test the accuracy of the data using devices from Apple, Samsung, Google (Pixel), OnePlus, Xiaomi & Motorola

Operating Systems Tested

Multiple Operating Systems

We test the accuracy of the data across Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

browsers tested

Multiple Browsers

We test the accuracy of the data using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge & Opera.

Always available

Attributer utilises Amazon's Cloudfront network to keep hundreds of copies of the script at various data centers around the world, ensuring it's always available.

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Fully Compliant

Attributer works in the user's browser and no user data ever hits our servers, meaning it's use does not impact your GDPR or CCPA compliance.


Attributer is installed on thousands of websites and provides attribution information on over 8 million visitors to those sites every month

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