Example Report

Marketing Dashboard

This example marketing dashboard, built with Google Data Studio using data captured by Attributer, gives a high-level overview of what channels and campaigns are generating leads

Get this dashboard

Install Attributer

Install Attributer

Add the Attributer code to your website and hidden fields to your lead forms

Capture The Data

Capture the data

Attributer writes marketing attribution data into the hidden fields and it's captured by your form tool alongside the lead's name, email, etc.

Send to CRM

Send to your CRM

Send the attribution data along with the lead's name, email, etc into a CRM, spreadsheet or other tools

Run Reports

Run reports

Use your CRM's built-in reporting tools or connect a 3rd-party analytics tool to build beautiful reports and dashboards from your data

Tools you can use

Once you've passed the data provided by Attributer into your CRM or another tool, you can use the built-in reports or connect to a 3rd-party analytics tool to build reports and dashboards

Get Started For Free

It's free to get started with Attributer, and paid plans start at just $49 per month