How Yo Media generates more leads for their clients with Attributer

Yo Media is a digital agency in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2013, it has 5 staff and offers lead generation services (Google Ads, SEO, social media, etc.) predominantly to law firms.

No good way to tracking how many leads they were generating

Yo Media struggled to accurately track how many leads they were generating for clients.

In an attempt to get some attribution data, they initially tried to get clients to start using a CRM like Hubspot, but it just didn’t work.

It was a lot of effort to set up and train clients on, and most law firms had their own case management system that was their primary system of record anyway, so they just wouldn’t use it.

As a result, Yo Media’s only option was to use conversion tracking in Google Analytics, but the numbers never really seemed to add up.

“There was just such a disconnect between the numbers we reported to clients each month and how many leads the client thought they got. Google Analytics would be telling us we got 30 conversions, but when we reported that to the client, it didn’t match up with their figures,” says Nathan.

“And that ambiguity just bred distrust between us and the client, which was bad for the relationship.”

Show clients every lead they generated

Attributer enabled Yo Media to show clients exactly which leads were generated by their efforts.

They installed Attributer on each of their clients' websites, and when a lead form is submitted, Attributer passes through information about where the lead came from.

They then automatically send this information to a spreadsheet and use it to see exactly how many leads have been generated, which channels they’ve come from, which campaigns are most effective, and more.

Spreadsheet (3)

They will then go through the spreadsheet with their clients in their monthly meetings, enabling the clients to see exactly what leads Yo Media has generated for them.

They’ll also use the data internally to understand which channels, campaigns, ads, etc., are generating the most leads, and they’ll use these insights to optimize the campaigns.

Retaining clients longer

Attributer has helped Yo Media better retain their clients.

“Most clients leave because of two things: lack of results or perceived indifference’ explains Nathan.

“Attributer helps us prove the results we’re getting for our clients. They can literally see in the spreadsheet exactly which lead came from our efforts (Google Ads, SEO, etc).”

“And with the data from Attributer, we can see which campaigns, ads, etc., perform best. We can then use those insights to make optimisations and report back to the client on the work we’re doing, which decreases that perceived indifference.’

“Attributer helps us prove the results we’re getting for our clients. They can literally see in the spreadsheet exactly which lead came from our efforts (Google Ads, SEO, etc)”


Nathan Harding - Founder, Yo Media

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