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Lieder Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Tucson, Arizona. They provide web development, SEO, SEM & Social Media Management services to small businesses.

No way of knowing where leads were coming from

When Lieder Digital is speaking with a potential new client, they make two promises: To track everything and be open and honest with how things are going.

In order to keep that promise, the Lieder Digital team was using call tracking software to attribute all calls from the website to the various marketing initiatives they were doing for their clients, but they didn’t have a good way to attribute completions of lead forms.

They had Google Analytics set up on all their client's websites and were using Goals to track form submissions, but this only allowed them to track things at an aggregate level. They had no way of knowing which lead came from which marketing initiative (Google Ads, SEO, etc)

This was an issue because not all leads are created equal and they weren’t able to determine which channels were generating leads that actually turned into customers & revenue.

And without knowing that, it was difficult for Lieder to prove the value their work was actually generating for their clients.

Showing the source of every lead

With Attributer, Lieder Digital and their clients can see exactly where each individual lead is coming from. This includes leads from paid campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc) as well as organic channels like SEO and Organic Social.

This is crucial for Lieder Digital as they often provide both paid ad management as well as SEO & social media management services for their clients, so they needed to know how all their work was performing.

They use this data to power their monthly reporting, as well as include it in the individual lead notifications that go to clients.

When a new lead is generated from the website, a New Lead Notification email is sent to the client containing the lead's details (name, email, phone, etc) as well as the attribution information. 

new lead notification email

This means that without Lieder having to do anything, their clients are regulary seeing how Lieder’s work is generating leads for them.

Then, each month the Lieder team meets with their clients and reviews monthly performance. They go through how many leads were generated, which one’s came from which initiatives, which one’s turned into customers and ultimately where they should be focusing next.

Regular reminders of Lieder's value

Attributer has helped Lieder Digital prove the value their services are bringing, and subsequently helped them retain and grow their accounts.

By including information where the lead came from within each New Lead Notification email, clients are constantly seeing the value Lieder’s SEO, SEM & Social Media Management services are providing.

"By including marketing attribution information in each lead notification, our clients are constantly seeing the value we provide them. It helps us retain and grow client accounts"


Ron Stauffer - Founder, Lieder Digital

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