Helping Non Plus Ultra understand the ROI of their digital marketing campaigns

Non Plus Ultra transforms iconic properties into event spaces, giving communities new ways to experience landmark buildings such as the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and Sports Castle in Denver.

Unsure which campaigns actually drive event bookings

Non Plus Ultra was undertaking a variety of marketing activities to generate event bookings for the venues they looked after, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads & more.

They had Google Analytics installed on their website and could tell how many visitors they were getting from their various campaigns, but they weren’t really able to tell which ones were actually leading to bookings. 

Maria Redin, COO at NPU Events, knew that what they ultimately needed was to be able to track where each lead came from in their CRM. They needed to be able to see which campaign each lead was coming from and be able to track that all the way through to event bookings, so they could ultimately measure whether their campaigns were returning a positive ROI.

Sending attribution data into their CRM

After getting Attributer setup on their site, Non Plus Ultra now tags all of their digital marketing campaigns with UTM parameters, and when a lead lands on their site from a digital campaign, Attributer stores the campaign data in a cookie in the user’s browser.

Then, when a lead completes their event booking form (powered by Gravity Forms) Attributer passes through information about how that visitor got to their site, like whether it was from Facebook or Google Ads, which campaign they clicked, what ad group it belongs to, etc.

They then send this data through to their CRM and can see how many of the leads from each campaign actually booked an event, how much revenue that generated, and ultimately what the ROI of their campaigns are.

Making informed marketing decisions

On top of being able to track which of their paid campaigns are actually resulting in event bookings, Non Plus Ultra has also been able to track how organic sources of traffic (I.e. Organic Search, Referral, etc) are performing as well.

Because Attributer tracks the source of all leads (not just the ones from paid campaigns with UTM parameters), Non Plus Ultra was able to learn that they also get a lot of leads via Referral traffic from the websites of the venues they manage.

Overall, Attributer has helped Non Plus Ultra go beyond just measuring form submissions in Google Analytics to truly understand which of their marketing initiatives are generating event bookings and revenue.

“Attributer allows us to go beyond just measuring form completions in Google Analytics and truly understand which of our marketing initiatives are generating event bookings and revenue.

Maria NPU Events

Maria Redin - COO, Non Plus Ultra

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