Helping Harris Law track which Google Ads are truly generating customers & revenue

Harris Federal Law is a law firm based out of Lexington, Kentucky, that serves federal employees across the United States. They specialize in helping their clients get approved for the employee benefits they are entitled to.

No data on which campaigns were generating revenue

Harris Federal Law Firm targets a very specific niche (federal employees) and focuses mainly on search intent PPC ads and bidding on very specific, competitive federal-related keywords to ensure the right people are seeing their ads.

While they were utilizing Google Analytics on their website to track lead form submissions via Goals, they had a difficult time attributing those to actual leads and tracking the quality of those leads through their intake and consultation process. They needed to be able to see which campaigns were providing actual real world value.

They suspected that some of the campaigns that were performing well from a cost-per-lead perspective weren’t actually converting into paying clients, but without being able to track which leads came from which campaigns they didn’t have any data to back up their suspicions and were hesitant to turn off these campaigns in case it decreased their lead flow.

Tracking revenue generated from campaigns

The marketing team knew that if they wanted to be successful with Google Ads, they needed to be able to track which campaigns were actually generating customers & revenue, so they turned to Attributer.

Now whenever a new lead comes in from their Google Ads campaigns, Attributer writes the attribution information (including the Campaign, Ad Group, Ad & Search term) into hidden fields in the form and it is passed through to their CRM (Lawmatics).

With this data in the CRM, they can run reports that show one-to-one conversion data and provide a real world analysis of how many customers they get from Google Ads, how much revenue they generate, how many customers come from each campaign & more.

And because Attributer captures attribution information on all channels that are driving visitors to their site, they can also see how their other marketing initiatives (such as their SEO and email marketing efforts) are performing.

Better decisions on how to optimise ad spend

With the ability to run reports in their CRM that show which campaigns are actually driving customers, they have been able to make informed decisions on how to optimize their Google Ad spend.

As an example, they were previously running a number of campaigns in which Google was reporting a high number of conversions. It appeared to be generating a lot of visits and leads at a low cost per lead. Initially these campaigns looked like a great investment, but with the Attributer data they were able to see that very few of these leads were actually converting into customers and that these Display campaigns were actually losing them money.

With that data they were able to make a data-driven decision to stop those campaigns and invest the budget into the campaigns they could see were working. These changes have led to an increase in new clients and a higher ROAS.

“With Attributer we can see which campaigns are actually generating customers & revenue, rather than just visitors. We were able to see that some of our campaigns were driving lots of visitors and leads but few of them converted into customers. Now we’re able to reinvest that budget into other campaigns that we can see are generating revenue.”


Nick Child - Director of Marketing, Harris Federal Law Firm

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