A review of Attributer by marketing agency Republic Marketing


As an agency owner, I'm always looking for tools that can help me track my efforts and plan for future campaigns. That's why I was so excited to come across Attributer, a tracking system that has changed how I capture and use UTM parameters and other channel data.


Before using Attributer, I used to capture raw UTM parameters in Gravity Forms. While this worked to some extent, it had some significant limitations that were holding me back. For example, most out-of-the-box tracking solutions only catch UTM parameters if the user completes a form on the same page they have landed on. That means that the UTM parameters are lost if a user navigates to blog posts or various service pages. In other words, UTMs don’t usually carry over from one page to another. 


No matter how much (some) marketers like to keep visitors on a landing page with limited navigation, our heatmap tests have shown that most visitors prefer to freely navigate a website before filling out forms and booking demos. Therefore, without a tool like Attrributer, you're missing a great deal of essential data.


With Attributer, regardless of what page your form is on, the UTM parameters will always be passed through. This means that I'm able to capture all sources of traffic to my site and see the source of all leads, both from organic channels and paid advertising.


One of the other benefits of Attributer is its ability to help understand the impact of SEO campaigns, which many businesses struggle with. Additionally, Attributer provides insights into organic channels instead of leaving them blank, which is a huge bonus. By navigating to the CRM, I can quickly identify which pages and blog posts are attracting the highest value clients. This information lets me make informed decisions about future marketing campaigns and improve my digital agency's overall content strategy. 


To optimise my content using Attributer, I have a systematic approach that involves the following steps:


  • First, I check the URL data of the landing page.
  • Next, I identify the parent topic(s) that the page is currently ranking for.
  • Then, I head over to Google Search Console's performance report and check the 'queries' tab to see which keywords are leading to clicks on my page.
  • I analyse these queries based on their problem-solution awareness, level of pain, and the stage of the funnel they might be in. This helps me gain a deeper understanding of my audience and create more effective content.


Attributer's ability to deliver clean and organised data without being affected by capitalisation and other inconsistencies is something I truly appreciate. It saves me a lot of time on data cleaning and enables me to make informed decisions quickly.

In conclusion, Attributer has been a game-changer for Republic Marketing. By providing cleaner data, capturing all traffic sources, and tracking landing page URLs, Attributer has helped me better track and fill the gap between analytic dashboards and CRM data. If you're looking for a way to capture UTM parameters and other channel data, I highly recommend giving Attributer a try.

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